Earth Fortification Supplies Company (nicknamed “Earthfort”) is an agricultural business with expertise in the management of soil biology for agriculture. Earthfort labs and offices are located in Corvallis, Oregon – the heart of the rich Willamette Valley. Our company has been working with farmers from around the world since 2005.


The story we hear from farmers everywhere is the same: Farming is hard! Your crops are your livelihood. You control what you can in your field, now Earthfort gives you the tools to manage the microbiology in your soil. Your knowledge of farming and our expertise in soil biology combine to improve fertility, water management, yields, and more.


In an unmanaged system, such as a forest, no one is fertilizing and there is no crop rotation yet the plants grow and the soil is not depleted. Microbes in the soil breakdown the organic matter that falls to the forest floor and cycles it into a form of nutrient the plants can use.


In managed systems, such as agricultural systems, landscapes, and horticultural systems, the products and practices can damage the biology, limiting their ability to cycle nutrients. We know there are beneficial microbes in the soil; and because Earthfort can measure these microbes, we can now manage them to the benefit of the crops.


Crop protection products are effective; they are also not selective. Follow-up treatments with Earthfort technology will restore the balance to your healthy soil.


Earthfort believes in a three step process:




Educate – Earthfort provides training and workshops about the role soil microbiology in plant health. The workshops are offered both in-person and through the web.


Evaluate - The Earthfort lab processes soil samples from around the world. If you can measure it, you can manage it.  The results of the soil evaluation will help determine how to manage the soil microbes to meet the needs of the target crop.


Remediate – Earthfort technology provides the tools to manage soil health. Soil ProVide returns beneficial microbes to the soil. Soil ReVive encourages beneficial microbial growth.


Take control of your soil!


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