Be-1 Amino Acids


Is your soil getting an amino acid benefit?

A non salt based fertilizer 3-6-5 enhanced with amino acids.

100% natural organic Be-1 Pellets, the ultimate fertilizer with amino acids for building all planting mediums.

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30 plus years of advances by two of the world’s leading amnio-acids research labs based in Japan have resulted in the 100% natural organic Be-1 Pellets, the ultimate fertilizer with amino acids for building all planting mediums.

Be-1’s proprietary blend of amnio-acids are the building blocks of proteins and of all cell formation. They are a vital part of many processes in plants, including photosynthesis.

With a non-salt based NPK of 3-6-5 Be-1 allows beneficial microorganisms to promote plant nutrient intake, resulting in soil conditioning that is intensified naturally.

OMRI-listed and California Dept. of Ag Certified Organic Input this  proprietary blend of Amnio-Acids, Sesame Meal, Rice Bran, Bat Guano, Palm Ash, Peanut Meal, Shrimp Shell is a premium all-purpose choice for most gardening applications including orchids, flowers, edible fruits and vegetables, shrubs, trees and many other plants.

Dry Applications:

Soil Amendment and Soil-Conditioner
Jump start your beneficial microbes in the root zone and improve soil structure at planting and up to 4-weeks prior.

[2.2 lb (1 kg) bag amends 100 sq ft and conditions 20 sq ft.]

Monthly Booster
Microorganisms and plants need monthly boosts of amino acids and nutrients, especially during the most intensive growth phases. Simply broadcast or better yet scratch pellets into soil. Hint: The pellets have little odor, making Be-1 perfect for feeding indoor houseplants too.[2.2 lb (1 kg) bag boosts 100 – 200 sq ft.]

Compost / Bokashi Starter and Accelerator
Increase microbes that aid in breaking down organic matter faster and transform nutrients into plant-absorbable form.[2.2 lb (1 kg) bag of pellets makes one CUBIC YARD] -or- [1.75 oz (3.5 TBSP) per GAL of compost/Bokashi]

Liquid Applications:

The Be-1 Pellets are water-soluble, for quicker delivery to your plants.

Solubilize in Water
Easy to mix in water for simultaneous watering and feeding.

Compost Tea
There are many recipes and techniques for mixing compost tea. Add Be-1 to give biology in your tea a powerful boost. (2.2lb per 100 gallons treats up to 10 acres)

Foliar Spray
A great way to add nutrients with immediate benefit.

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