Humisoil – All Natural Humus


Is Your Soil Getting The Nutrients It Needs?

Humus, the organic component of soil, has slowly matured as a result of Alaska’s long winters and short intense summers. This maturation combined with the interaction of volcanic ash and glacial silt has made Humisoil one of natures finest products. This material is extracted with environmental care, providing a product that is healthy, dependable, and entirely organic.

Organic Certification

$27 1/2 cubic foot bag (est. 20lbs)
Bulk sizes/pricing also available, contact us for details!

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• The mineralization process that converts raw organic matter to the relatively stable substance that is humus feeds the soil population of micro-organisms and other creatures, thus maintaining high and healthy levels of soil life

• Humus can hold the equivalent of 80 – 90% of its weight in moisture, and therefore increases the soil’s capacity to withstand drought conditions

• The biochemical structure of humus enables it to moderate – or buffer – excessively acidic or alkaline soil conditions

• The dark color of humus (usually black or dark brown) helps to warm up cold soils in the spring

• Humification of dead plant material causes complex organic compounds to break down into simpler forms which are then made available to growing plants for uptake through their root systems.

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Weight 23 lbs
Dimensions 15 x 10 x 10 in