Liquid Oceanic Fertilizer (Fish)


Liquid Oceanic Fertilizer (Fish)

Cold processed liquid fish, crab & shrimp hydrolysate fertilizer
Unlike lower cost fish emulsion fertilizers, our product has not been exposed to heat at all. Others use heat to speed up the enzymatic digestion process and to evaporate the product to achieve higher N-P-K content. Heat improves the chemical analysis but degrades the biological activity. Because it’s cold-processed, Pacific Gro fertilizer has more diverse and plentiful microbial populations and greater biological activity. And because it’s a blend of marine fish, crab and shrimp, our Seafood for the Soil has a comprehensive range of nutrients and enzymes.

Liquid Oceanic Fertilizer Product Features

  • Cold processed liquid fish, crab & shrimp hydrolysate fertilizer
  • N P K : 2.0 – 0.50 – 0.30
  • Liquid product, screened at 200 mesh for use in spray, drip and other fertigation
  • High diversity of microbial species from the variety of fish, crab and shrimp that feed at various ocean levels
  • High in plant available Calcium and many micro-nutrients
  • High in Chitin derived from crab and shrimp shells
  •  No fish oil removed from the raw material
  • pH 3.5 for long-term storage stability. Convenient way to lower pH of fertigation water, while providing nutrients and minerals for plants and soil life.

Organic Certification
$48.30 per 2.5 Gallon
$89.26 per 5-Gallon

Bulk sizes/pricing also available, contact us for details!

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Liquid Oceanic Fertilizer (Fish)

Crop Enhancement Features

  • Restores soil degraded by tillage and chemical fertilization and biocide practices, allowing tied-up nutrients in soil to become plant available very quickly. LOF increases soil organic matter, improves the soil’s water-holding capacity, and reduces the need for pesticides and herbicides.
  • Stimulates soil microbial bio-activity which allows tied-up nutrients in soil to become plant available very quickly.
  • Helps establish healthy soil biology, which improves the efficiency of other fertilizers and amendments, increases soil organic matter, improves the soil’s water-holding capacity, and reduces the need for pesticides and herbicides.
  • Provides Chitin, which is known to boost immune efficiency and improve plant defenses against pathogens. Chitin may also reduce harmful nematodes, by stimulating micro-organisms that consume chitin, a key component of the nematode life cycle.
  • Provides Calcium and other minerals and nutrients that are often depleted each year.
  • Some farmers have found it successful against Powdery Mildew in orchards
  • For tree fruit and berries: achieves significant increase in plant wood caliper, leaf size and deep green color, and in fruit size, density, firmness, flavor and shelf life.

Liquid Oceanic Fertilizer General Application Guidance

A protocol of application post-harvest and through the spring and summer is most effective.

When using biologically active fertilizer, emphasis should be placed on Fall Fertilization. This feeds and stimulates the microbial colonies in the off-season so they are well established, nourished, and assimilated to the soil conditions. Depending on your local climate, the soil microbes may be active during winter. If vigorous, their biological activity stimulates early emergence, early leaf canopy, and early nutrition for your crop. Fertilizer can also be applied in the spring and during the growth season, by any fertigation method.

  • Mix Pacific Gro Liquid Oceanic Fertilizer with water at 30:1 dilution (1/2 cup per gallon of water). Application rates below refer to the quantity of undiluted fertilizer.
  • Can be mixed and applied by fertigation with many other products, for either conventional or organic crops. (Do a jar test before mixing)
  • Stir or shake well before mixing. For best mixing in tanks or tote containers, inject air vigorously by air hose.
  • Farming – ground application by spray or drip fertigation:
    1 to 3 times post-harvest, and 2 to 4 times during the growing season, at rate of 5 to 10 gallons per acre per application. (15 to 80 gallons per acre per year, depending on the value of the crop, nutrient demand and fertility of the soil)

Yard & Garden:
Apply 4 gallons per acre or 1½ cup per 1000 square feet, 2 to 6 times per year

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