Dirt Simple Brewing and Testing Package


The Dirt Simple Package includes everything you need to get started brewing and applying tea to improve your soil!

5 gal Brewer & Testing Package - $289.00

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Your soil is the habitat for your plants - the brewing package is a complete solution to prepare your soil to be a habitat that encourages the plants you want. Included in the Package:
    •    Dirt Simple 5-Gallon Brewer ($195.00 value)
    •    One essential Earthfort tea test ($108.00 value)    
    •    8 brew supply kit ($55.00 value)

All of the products offered by Earth Fortification Supplies have been lab tested to ensure quality.  Feed your soil, and let your soil feed your plants!

5 Gallon Brew Recipe:

Pre-treat 1/2lb humus with .25oz fish and .25oz humic acid

Let sit for 48 hours in a cool, dark place

Brew: Add 1oz kelp, .5oz fish and .5oz humic acid

Brew for 24 hours.