Compost Tea Supply Kits


Our Dirt Simple 5 gallon bucket brewer has been working so well that we thought we'd offer the tea supplies independent of the brewer, for anyone who already has a 5 gallon brewer of their own, but wants to give our recipe a try.

8 brews - $24.50


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Kits includes:

Alaska Humus- fully decomposted organic matter

Soil ReVive: Food source for fungi containing humic acid

Fish Hydrolysate: Food source for fungi

Kelp: Soluble seaweed extract powder and great food source for both bacteria and fungi

*Recomended recipe for the DS5 Brewer


Recipe for 5-gallon brewing:

Pre-treat1/2lb Humus with .25oz Fish and .5oz Soil ReVive

Let sit for 48hrs in cool, dark place

Brew: Add 1oz kelp, .5oz fish hydrolysate, and .5oz Soil ReVive

Brew for 24 hrs


4lbs Humus

8oz Kelp

8oz Soil ReVive

8oz Fish Hydrolysate

Measuring Cup