Fish Hydrolysate


The high protein content in fish hydrolysate provides nitrogen and other nutrients to the soil and also serves as a potent food for soil microorganisms.


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1 gal- $24.95

5 gal- $76.50

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Fish hydrolysate is cold processed (minced, enzymatically digested and liquefied) to preserve proteins for quick turnover by microbes into nutrients for plants. This process distinguishes fish hydrolysate from fish emulsion which is processed with heat; removing oils (fungal foods) and denaturing nutrients and beneficial bacteria. Hydrolysate retains the natural oils from the fish that are a very potent fungal food.
Because of cold processing, fish hydrolysate must be stabilized at a low pH. We recommend hydrolysates that are stabilized with sulfuric or phosphoric acid.


Liquid Fish Hydrolysate

Typical Laboratory Analysis

Available Nitrogen(N)..................2%
Available Phosphate(P2O3)..........0.5%
Stabilized with Sulfuric Acid (Average pH 3.5-3.75)

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