ProVide/ReVive Combo


Soil ProVide/ReVive combo pack contains liquid biology in the form of micro-organisms produced and screened from an organic based material along with fine powder comprised of organic matter, humic acid and enzymes which aid in the breakdown of proteins and feed the micro-organisms.

1 quart- $24.50

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Soil ProVide contains organisms that support plant health as they decompose organic matter, cycle nutrients, enhance soil structure and control the populations of soil organisms.  Soil organisms play a major role in many natural processes that determine nutrient and water availability for agricultural productivity.  Pairing Soil ProVide with a great food source like Soil ReVive is the perfect combination.  Soil ReVive is very fine powder of organic matter, humic acid and enzymes which can help replenish soil health. A healthy soil food web occurs when all organisms that a plant requires are present and functioning.  Soil ReVive is a natural way of giving both plants and soils a concentrated dose of nutrients and vitamins, which acts much like a soil conditioner.


1.  Improves soil health, which supports plant health and productivity.


2.  Restores micro-organisms which have been depleted due to natural and human disturbances.


3.  All natural, certified organic liquid soil conditioner.


4.  Feeds biology (living organisms) in soils, compost and works great as a pre-treatment for compost tea.


5.  Nutrients and oxygen become easier for plants uptake, and waste materials can be removed as rapidly as possible.


Application Rate:

Quart treats 3000 sq.ft.