Soil ReVive


Soil ReVive is a great food source for micro-organisms in soil, compost and compost tea.  This very fine powder is made of organic matter, humic acid and enzymes which can help replenish soil health.  Just add water; if biology is needed, mix with Soil ProVide and spray.  It's that easy!

1 lb-   $30.00

10 lb- $260.00

Bulk orders call for pricing 541-257-2612

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Soil ReVive is comprised of decomposed organic matter, humic acid and enzymes which all aid in the breakdown of proteins.  Perfect when combined with the biology found in Soil ProVide.   Humic acid is produced by biodegradation of decomposing organic matter.  Humic acid provides a natural way of giving both plants and soils a concentrated dose of nutrients and vitamins, which acts much like a soil conditioner.  Soil is not just a growing medium; rather it is a living and changing environment.  Many soils, especially agricultural soils, contain a very low concentration of humic acid due to the depleted organic matter content.  Soil ReVive replaces that missing component back into the soil; allowing for absorption of retained nutrients making them available for plant uptake.


1.  Feeds biology (living organisms) in soils, compost and works great as a pre-treatment for compost tea.


2.  Conditions soils that contain low organic matter content.


3.  Nutrients and oxygen become easier for plants uptake, and waste materials can be removed as rapidly as possible.


Specific application rates for the most benefit per crop and cost can be determined through soil testing.


General application guidelines are provided below:


Compost Tea Recipe

Recipe: 2 oz (4 Tbsp) per 1 lb. compost in pre-treatment
Add another 2 oz ReVive per 1 lb compost to water at brewing