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Humic acid is the dark, stable component of fully decomposed organic matter. The molecular structure of humic acid is shaped by many folds and branches that create increased surface area with both positive and negative charges to hold all different kinds of nutrients and other ions in the soil solution.

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Humic acid is the end product of living cells after decomposition. There is a very low concentration of humic acid in regular soils, especially low in agricultural soils with depleted organic matter content. There are higher concentrations of humic acid in finished compost. The most potent source of humic acid is from ancient deposits of slowly decomposed organic matter preserved from ancient wetlands eg. Alaskan humus. A good humic acid will be cold water processed as a low acid extraction (about 6%). It will contain humic acid, fulvic acid, ulmic acid and trace elements.
Effects of Humic Acid on Soil:
    •    Gets between clay particles to prevent compaction
    •    Holds 80-90% of its weight in moisture: increases water holding capacity
    •    Adsorbs and retains nutrients (charged ions) on multitude of exchange sites
    •    Separates nutrients (especially phosphorous) from compounds with heavy metals, making them available to plants
    •    Improves soil matrix as habitat for biology
    •    Feeds fungi

Turf & Garden Pro contains the following
Fulvic acid - 8%
Humic acid - 6.5%
Total Organic Matter - 5.4%
Total Hydrophobic Humic Matter - 3.6%
Humic Matter - 3.6%
Total Organic Carbon - 2.7%
Total Humic Organic Carbon - 1.8%
Directions - Shake well or mix before using
Turf Application

Hose-end sprayer: Apply at a rate of 6 ozs. of concentrate per 1000 sq. ft. (20' x 50' area) of grass.
Hand sprayer: 6 ozs. per 1 gallon of water. Coverage: 32 ozs. will cover approximately 5000 sq. ft. For stressed or damaged turf, reapply in 2 weeks. Water yard after application for best results.
Flowers and Shrub Application
For large developed plants and shrubs, apply as a root drench with a dilution rate of 8 ozs. per gallon of water. For smaller flowers and plants, use a dilution rate of 4 ozs. per gallon of water. Repeat application every 3-4 weeks except when temperature falls below 50 degrees fahrenheit. For foliar sprays, rate should be 3 ozs. per 1000 sq. ft.

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