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Advantages of Testing with Earthfort

Direct examination of life in the soil is what sets our lab apart from the rest. With so many different testing methods and options available, Earthfort’s approach is direct microscopy. Our lab methods measure actual populations and activity levels.

Directly observing the bacterial and fungal populations and determining aerobic activity of those populations reveals much about the current conditions in the soil, micro structure, moisture holding capacity, nutrient availability and pH potential in the rhizosphere. Protozoa show us aerobic function of the soil, and very importantly, nutrient cycling potential of that biology in the root system of the plants. Nematode population to genus gives us a high-level view of diversity and function in the soil, also root feeding nematodes can be monitored for direct threat to the plants and used as indicators of other potential disease pressure on the plants. All these tests work together to describe how “alive” your soil is. The more alive your soil, the closer you will be to good plant and soil health.

When combining Direct Microscopy Biomass Assays with Plant Available Nutrient Analysis we begin to get a picture of the soil function and have     enough information to make practical recommendations and address problems. Whether the solution is to add biology, feed it, use biological-friendly fertility inputs, or just changing some practices, your soil can be managed based on your plant and soil needs.

Born out of research from the University of Georgia, Colorado State University and Oregon State University our lab developed the metrics for measuring soil life. Earthfort delivers 15+ years of practical experience, to bring farmers a unique perspective on their soil that is measurable, manageable and affordable. Based on the science of Ecology, we strive to present a holistic view of the soil as it relates to your plants, your environment, and your bottom line.

Earthfort has created some simple tools that can help you manage the areas of the soil that may be deficient. We also offer consultation services to help you get the most out of your test results, and the opportunity to discuss your plan of action.

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No matter what you grow, Earthfort improves its health and quality. Our expertise improves soil fertility, water retention, nutrient uptake and overall soil health. What sets us apart is the ability to measure soil health through lab testing.

Test your soil with us, attend one of our educational programs, or try our products and see how we can help you.

Soil microbiology: Measure it, manage it.

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I thought [Earthfort’s workshop] was a first class event with high caliber information that I will definitely be taking to heart and putting into practice. We felt that what Earthfort is doing and promoting is a breakthrough paradigm shift and level of awareness that needs to be more widely disseminated and incorporated into anything and everything that has to do with the soil. I will definitely be recommending your soil analysis and techniques for my work in the future.

Jeff Ard, B.L.A.