Clemson University Study

    Who are the players in your turf? A study by Clemson University found greater thatch control in turf systems using Soil ProVide. Clemson University performed a research trial on thatch control for turf systems.  It is known that moderate levels of thatch and soil organic matter are desirable for turfgrass systems due to [...]

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Soilscape Solutions Greenscape Project

Restoring Habitat from the Soil Up: Soilscape Solutions Greenscape Project Earthfort’s tools help Soilscape Solutions remediate neglected land to become thriving, usable greenspace. Soilscape Solutions’ Natalie Faris and Sam Dayton are changing the world, one over-run strip of weeds at a time.  They are Soil Stewards through Earthfort's Soil Stewardship Program.  Their challenge: remediate a [...]

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Composting Project Kerala, India

   From Garbage to Growth At a hospital waste dump in South India, Peter Ash has been volunteering to mitigate years of toxic medical and human waste by Municipal Solid Waste composting (or MSW).   Municipal Solid Waste Composting of Hospital Waste in South India  – Read Published Paper Under intense management from American Peter Ash, [...]

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Fukushima Soil Restoration Project

Restoring Nuclear Radiation in Japan Earthfort was asked if our bioremediation technology could help mitigate the radiation in Fukushima’s contaminated soil. The nuclear meltdown and release of radioactive materials following an earthquake and tsunami in Japan on March 11, 2011, was the worst nuclear disaster in history since Chernobyl. When the radioactive dust began to [...]

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Avery Park Rose Garden Corvallis, OR

Stop and Smell the Roses... ...and they smell sweeter without fungicides! Avery Park’s Rose Garden is the gem of the Corvallis city parks system. Frequented by rose enthusiasts, wedding guests, and children who want to smell the roses, the Rose Garden was created in 1956 and has 1200 plants featuring over 250 varieties of roses. [...]

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Woodland Park Zoo Seattle, WA

Toxic Animal Waste Woodland Park Zoo came to Earthfort in 2005 with a unique challenge: could we help them mitigate the toxic dung of their popular Komodo dragon exhibit?   At Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle, cleaning up after the animals is always a messy business. Yet in some cases, it is a dangerous task. Managing [...]

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