Restoring Habitat from the Soil Up: Soilscape Solutions Greenscape Project

Earthfort’s tools help Soilscape Solutions remediate neglected land to become thriving, usable greenspace.

Soilscape Solutions’ Natalie Faris and Sam Dayton are changing the world, one over-run strip of weeds at a time.  They are Soil Stewards through Earthfort’s Soil Stewardship Program.  Their challenge: remediate a weedy drainage ditch that contained a belowground culvert and many invasive weeds. After remediating their soil with our technology, it can now be a usable garden space that can grow green manure cover crops, biodynamic preparations, and food crops. Photos show their vision turning into reality, and before-and-after soil biology test results from Earthfort show vast increases in protozoa, nematodes, and active fungi and bacteria.

Increasing the diversity of soil biology yielded a 100% increase in their nitrogen cycling potential. Says Natalie: “We have both learned so much and are excited about the progress we have made. It is nice to see this progression on paper and recognize how we are utilizing the tools we have gathered in our work. We both realize also that this case study would not have been possible without your help and guidance over the past year. We are both very satisfied with the education we have received from Earthfort and the Soil Consulting Program. Thank you for providing such excellence.”  We’re happy to help them make a difference!