“They have the answers to the questions if you are doing anything with soil… a great resource!!!”
Jane McKay, Facebook
“Earthfort offers the latest soil food web information for your soil and garden. Great stuff and thank you!”
Norma Novy, Facebook
“Here is an organization with a positive way to grow healthy organic (food) and feed the world. It is all about improving the soil biology.”
Tracy Graves, Bodie Ranch

Thanks so much for doing the class today.  I got a lot of great compliments from the students afterwards.

I’m already thinking about a follow-on or second level of information.  As you pointed out about your workshops, they are multiple days long because there’s a lot of material.

In any case, it was a hoot doing the skype meeting.  It really worked well on our end – just like having you in the room.

Chef Farmer John and Master Gardener Marian, Rogers Ranch Urban Farm
Using Soil ReVive “we noticed improvement in the plant life in the fields after we received some rain to activate the ReVive.”
Scott Foster, Providence Farms
On using Soil ProVide and Soil ReVive on Avery Park, Corvallis OR “The rose garden was beautiful this year once again.” “no pesticides, no fertilizer”
America McMillin, Parks Operations Specialist – City of Corvallis
Thank you for your presentation at yesterday’s Quarterly Gathering. Your talk was very engaging and informative. You’re a great presenter! You really know how to combine humor with substantial material about the significance of healthy soil.
Annette Mills, Facilitator Corvallis Sustainability Coalition
“I thought [Earthfort’s workshop] was a first class event with high caliber information that I will definitely be taking to heart and putting into practice. We felt that what Earthfort is doing and promoting is a breakthrough paradigm shift and level of awareness that needs to be more widely disseminated and incorporated into anything and everything that has to do with the soil. I will definitely be recommending your soil analysis and techniques for my work in the future.”
Jeff Ard, B.L.A.
“Anyone that grows should use Earthfort. Being able to decipher what type of microbes you have/need is crucial to performance in plant cultivation”.
Rob Turner, Intelligrowth Industries
“We have been able to take soils on large commercial landscape sites that were almost devoid of life and regenerate them cost effectively due to the data received.”
Jake Voit, Arteka Companies
“I would highly recommend both the services and products from Earthfort. The level of service has always been outstanding and I have always been pleased with the knowledge and advice from the staff at Earthfort.”
Pamela Rainey, Alpine Tree