About Earthfort And How It Began Fixing Broken Dirt

For over a decade our lab has provided detailed soil biology profiles for land managers across multiple industries.  Using these profiles we have created custom products to help revitalize tired, worn out soils and to boost the effectiveness of composts and teas.  Utilize our expertise to help unlock the productivity in your soil!

Our History

Earthfort was founded in 2004 in Corvallis, Oregon by Matt Slaughter and Dr. Elaine R. Ingham to address the needs of Soil Foodweb testing clients on how to repair their damaged soils. Starting out in the back office of the Soil Foodweb Lab, Earthfort grew quickly, testing and reselling soil and compost related products that were commercially available and proven quality products.

Earthfort Through the Years


Training & Workshops

Earthfort provides training and workshops about the role soil microbiology has in plant health. The workshops are offered both in-person, and classes are available over the internet or on DVD.


Our Lab

Our lab processes soil samples from around the world. The results of the soil evaluation will help guide management decisions to meet the needs of your plants.


Earthfort Technology

Earthfort technology provides the tools to manage soil health. Soil ReVive encourages beneficial microbial growth. Soil ProVide returns beneficial microbes to the soil.

Contact Us!

Earthfort labs and offices are located in Corvallis, Oregon – the heart of the beautiful Willamette Valley.